School Uniform Info

Hello Christine Elizabeth Academy parents, we look forward to working with you as your school uniform provider. Some of the great things that School Zone offers includes: a lay-a-way program that starts June 1st and requires a 25% deposit, a uniform recycling program that starts in September, and we periodically run Flash Sales via our social media outlets!  We will stock all the embroidered items that the CEA dress code requires, but non-logo items may need to be special ordered. Please contact us with any questions: (470) 488-1533. Below, we have more information.

Hours of Operation:    Monday – Friday 10am-7pm

                                       Saturday: 12pm – 5pm

                                       Sunday:  Closed

Starting July 5th: Monday- Saturday 10am – 7pm

                              Sunday: Closed

Address:   5400 River Station Blvd. Suite 108 College Park, GA 30249

Website:  (will be updated by July 5th)

Follow Us At: Facebook– School Zone of Georgia; Instagram-schoolzoneschooluniforms; Twitter– @Go_School_Zone